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Marcelo Bonini, PhD - Assistant Professor of Medicine, Section of Cardiology
Research: Understanding the regulatory roles of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species on cellular adaptative responses and maladaptations that culminate with tissue injury and cellular dysfunction in disease.
Email: mbonini@uic.edu

Robert Danziger, MD - Associate Professor of Medicine and Physiology, Section of Cardiology.
Research: Renal hypertension and global screening strategies, genetic mapping, and cell biology to develop diagnostic strategies and therapeutic targets for arterial hypertension.
Email: rdanzig@uic.edu
Website: link

Dawood Darbar MBChB, MD - Chief, Division of Cardiology, Section of Cardiology. Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology
Research: Obesity and Atrial Fibrillation (AF), Heritibility of early-onset AF, Genetic approaches to AF, Genomic modulation and mechanism-based therapies for AF.
Email: darbar@uic.edu

Martha L. Daviglus MD, PhD - Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, Executive Director, Institute for Minority Health Research, Professor of Medicine
Research: As director of UIC's Institute for Minority Health Research in the College of Medicine, and of the Chicago research site for the national Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos, Dr. Daviglus leads the largest, most in-depth observational cohort study, of this fast-growing minority population, which is making great strides in identification of multiple cardiovascular risk factors.
Email: daviglus@uic.edu

Ahlke Heydemann, PhD - Assistant Professor of Physiology and Biophysics.
Research: Genetics, mechanics and function in cardiopulmonary disease in muscular dystrophy.
Email: ahlkeh@uic.edu

Jan Kitajewski, PhD - Professor and Head, Physiology
Research: The primary goal of research is to understand grow factors/receptors function in vascular development and oncogenesis. The emphasis is on Wnt and Notch signaling pathways and on biochemical dissection of these signaling cascades.
Email: kitaj@uic.edu

Jody Martin, PhD -  Research Assistant Professor of Physiology and Biophysics.
Research: Vector Core Facility.
Email:  jmart10@uic.edu

John O'Bryan, PhD -  Associate Professor of Pharmacology.
Research: Role of the intersectin (ITSN) scaffold protein in the regulation of a novel PI3K pathway and the involvement of this ITSN-PI3K pathway in cardioprotection from ischemia-reperfusion injury.
Email:  obryanj@uic.edu
Website: link

J. Michael O'Donnell, PhD -  Associate Professor of Physiology and Biophysics.
Research: How perturbations in cytosolic calcium homeostasis and metabolism, via gene overexpression and silencing, affect cardiac function and influence the development of heart failure.
Email:  odonnell@uic.edu
Website: link

Brenda Russell, PhD - Professor of Physiology, Bioengineering and Medicine.
Research: Cardiac muscle cell remodeling through complex integration of mechanical and biochemical signals that arise from hemodynamic stressors in the heart.
Email: russell@uic.edu
Website: link

Adhir Shroff, MD, MPH - Associate Professor in Medicine, Section of Cardiology.
Research: Percutaneous coronary intervention and clinical outcomes.
Email: arshroff@uic.edu

R. John Solaro, PhD - Director, Center for Cardiovascular Research, Distinguished University Professor Dept Physiology, and Director, Program in Sarcomere Proteomics and Cardiac Dynamics.
Research: Mechanisms or regulation of sarcomeres, the molecular motors of heart muscle cells, and modulation of switching on the motors through changes in molecular signaling and sarcomere structure, chemistry, and mechanical state.
Email: solarorj@uic.edu
Website: link

Larry Tobacman, MD - Professor of Medicine and of Physiology & Biophysics.
Research: control of cardiac muscle contraction by troponin and tropomyosin, 3-D helical reconstruction, effects of cardiomyopathy-inducing thin filament mutations on protein folding and function, the biophysics of molecular motors, and amide hydrogen exchange studies of troponin and tropomyosin dynamics.
Email: lst@uic.edu
Website: link

Terry Vanden Hoek, MD - Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine
Research: Role of reactive oxygen (ROS) and nitrogen (RNS) species in Akt and Stat3 regulated cardiovascular outcomes after cardiac arrest and hemorrhagic shock. 
Email: tvh@uic.edu

Beata Wolska, PhD – Professor of Physiology in Medicine, Section of Cardiology.
Research: Membrane and myofilament control of cardiac function, both in physiological and pathological conditions such as hypertrophy and heart failure (HF).
Email: bwolska@uic.edu
Website: link


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