Our mission is to provide researchers with a single facility where they can access a comprehensive range of resources and services for gene transfer purposes. The Core constructs, purifies and titers recombinant adenovirus, adeno-associated virus and lentivirus. The core is in the process of setting up its administration via the University Research Resources Core (RRC) and is located in COMRB 2088.

Contact: For inquires about specific issues and to initiate core service please contact Dr Jody Martin at jmart10@uic.edu, or call 312-996-8906.
NOTE: Individual labs must have their own appropriate Institutional Biosafety Approvals to utilize the vectors.

Vector Services:


  1. Track 1: Amplification of virus - $350/preparation, ~ 2 weeks' time, 1-2 mls @ 10E11 particles/ml
  2. Track 2: Generation of adenovirus - individual investigators construct the shuttle vector, verify, and supply the DNA to core. Core does recombination and virus generation, amplifies 1 time. $900/construct, ~ 1-2 months
  3. Track 3: Core does subcloning, constructs the shuttle vector, and verifies. Core does recombination and virus generation, amplifies 1 time. Minimally $1500/construct, ~ 2 months, time/$ depends on exact goal (knockdown, overexpression, fusion tagging etc)

Adeno-Associated Virus:

  1. Track 1: Investigator provides sufficient verified AAV shuttle DNA. One preparation = approximately 1-2 months time, vector genome titer included. $1300/prep ~10e12 vector genomes. Core has constructs for AAV serotypes 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 9 currently.
  2. Track 2: Core constructs the AAV shuttle vector, verifies and performs 1 preparation as above. Cost and time depends on nature of construct (knockdown, overexpression, tagging etc), minimally $1900.


Dependent on user requirements. Typically, we generate sucrose purified vector with infectious titer ~10e9/ml (10e11-12 lp/ml) For more specific services are available (promoter options, mutagenesis, fusion protein construction etc) please contact Dr Martin. Users are strongly encouraged to contact Jody in the planning process of a project.

Readily available virus stocks on hand include:

Many heat shock proteins, various kinases, as well as various myofilament proteins and several types of fluorescent proteins in adenovirus as well as AAVs and lentivirus.