Members in the Center for Cardiovascular Research are engaged in medical and graduate student training at all levels.

Our pre-eminent goal is to provide-state-of-the-art research training for a select group of pre-doctoral and post-doctoral trainees who aspire to research, academic and medical careers. The training program emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of contemporary research in areas relevant to cardiovascular disease in an environment that fosters independent and creative thinking. with the objective of training future research leaders.

There are several training grants at the institution, two of which are based in the Center for Cardiovascular Research at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The presence of these grants attests a strong institutional commitment to the training of cardiovascular scientists at both the pre- and post-doctoral levels. Both grants support seminar programs and both provide formal and informal interactions among trainees. These include colloquia on cell signaling and weekly seminars in Cardiology and Physiology on topics in cardiovascular science.

Moreover, the research environment is seamless and there is ample precedent for trainees from one lab working in another to acquire expertise. This exchange encourages collaborations among investigators and also provides a fertile training environment for trainees. The CCVR prides itself on its ability to approach problems simultaneously from the molecular to the integrated organ level and these interactions facilitate this approach.

MD/PhD student can also enroll in the multidepartmental Ph.D. concentration in cardiovascular sciences to train and perform thesis work in CCVR faculty laboratories and obtain a Ph.D. conferred with the concentration. Learn more at Ph.D. Concentration in CVS.