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Membership in the Center for Cardiovascular Research is open to any University of Illinois faculty member who has a research interest in cardiovascular research and a shared commitment to collaborate with others, to further the scientific goals of the CCVR.
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The Center for Cardiovascular Research is a world-class center of excellence at the University of Illinois at Chicago. It brings together more than fifteen laboratories and facilities focused on defining cures for cardiovascular diseases.

The CCVR supports interdisciplinary research in basic, translational and clinical cardiovascular sciences on the Medical Campus at the University of Illinois at Chicago, in the heart of one of the largest metropolitan cities in the United States. This provides an excellent environment for interactive research, better training opportunities for doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows, medical students, residents and fellows with the express goal of recruiting and training the talented leaders in cardiovascular science for the future.



The Priority of the CCVR is to provide a campus-wide platform for networking faculty and trainees with common interests in the cardiovascular sciences. Our monthly Colloquium in Cardiovascular Sciences, and yearly Research Day Symposium serve to meet this interdepartmental platform. It is through this network that collaborative efforts have emerged and succeeded at UIC. We offer a vibrant environment important for recruitment and retention of faculty. As a center, we are also uniquely positioned to pursue joint fund raising opportunities among participating clinical and basic science department in conjunction with our UIC development officers.

Models of Heart Disease & Animal Physiology Measures
Through our partnership with the RRC, we are now able to support of our faculty research by providing several core services for monitoring animal physiology. This adds to our growing number of animal models of heart disease now available to both interdepartmental CCVR members and nonmembers. The Center is also a pivotal element in developing and sustaining our mouse phenotyping core. These services and models provide a powerful scientific base in support of our junior faculty capabilities, professional competitiveness, and career advancement.

Important to the mission of our Center is the education of our students. Indeed, no one department has the pool size of students and faculty necessary to support the cardiovascular coursework needed to train our leaders for tomorrow. Currently the CCVR offers four course electives with lectures in heart pathophysiology, clinical studies, muscle contraction, disease treatment strategies, and experimental & clinical methods. Lectures are provided by faculty from the CCVR that include clinicians to enhance interaction with clinical departments. Completion of the coursework, together with laboratory studies focused on the heart, enables students from participating departments to receive their Ph.D. degree conferred with a concentration in Cardiovascular Science.


CCVR News & Events

2017 CCVR Farewell to the Fukais

CCVR Many Thanks and Best Wishes to the Fukais. Read More...

2017 CCVR Welcomes Back Dr. Pieter de Tombe

Welcomes Back Dr. Pieter de Tombe.

2017 CCVR New Vector Core

2017 CCVR Welcomes Dr. Jody Martin & New Vector Core Read More...

2016-2017 CCVR Trainees - Travel Stipends

The CCVR now has available multiple $1000 travel stipends for our trainees. Read More...

2016 CCVR AHA Predoctoral Awardee Max McCann

Congratulations to third year graduate student Max McCann (Sponsor: Chong Wee Liew, PhD) for receiving an AHA Predoctoral Fellowship. Read More...

2017 CCVR JMCC Editor-in-Chief Announcement

Congratulations to our own R. John Solaro, PhD for his appointment as new Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology. Read More...

2016 CCVR Young Investigator Award

Congratulations to David Ryba for winning the 2016 CCVR Young Investigator Award Read More...

2016 CCVR Faculty Awarded NIH Program Project Grant HL 062426-16-20.

Congratulations to Drs. Solaro, Russell, Wolska, and Chad Warren for their recently awarded NIH NHLBI grant application entitled: "Integrated Mechanisms of Cardiac Maladaptation." Read More...

2016 CCVR Membership Drive

It is the Center's priority to serve as a campus-wide platform for networking all faculty / trainees with common interests in the cardiovascular sciences. Read More...

2016 CCVR Gift Initiatives

This year we continue our activities to foster support of the CCVR through gift giving. Read More...